As media & technology grey the lines separating art & artifice, the dancefloor offers a unique arena to experience style, culture, sound & energy. In Victoria, sub⎹division is a monthly party that explores the axiom connecting the dancefloors of the future & the past. Its focus is to wholeheartedly support the burgeoning scenes of music orbiting around the fringes of dance-music, be it UKFunky, purist house/techno, 2step garage, dubstep shoot-offs or post-hip-hop lazers. Each month, sub⎹division offers a dedicated gathering place for enthusiasts of these evolving scenes, with a mandate to explore ever-permutating styles through a mix of local & international artists.

sub⎹div sound system provides a broad array of modernist dance riddims, some mood-savy, some groove-heavy, all in hopes of greying the lines separating the aesthetic & the kinetic. After all, dance is also art.

AKA we want to party with you to fresh new music. LEZZZ GOOOWW!

Individual bios coming… in the meantime, for booking opportunities pertaining to Monolithium, Rhythmicon, Eames, Frame, KMT or Outsider please email…

friends [at] subdivnet [dot] com